Shilajit Family Pack 15 g

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Serving size is 0.2 g

Our Shilajit, steeped in Ayurvedic tradition, is a pure, high-potency natural extract with a 78% fulvic acid concentration, offering a 12:1 potency ratio without any additives. It effectively boosts fertility-related hormones, such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), enhancing sperm quality in males and increasing libido and hormonal balance in both genders. This premium quality Shilajit embodies the essence of holistic well-being, providing significant health benefits in a concentrated form.

The extraction and purification of Shilajit involve a meticulous process to remove impurities such as rocks, sand, and soil. Approximately 7-12 kilograms of raw Shilajit are required to produce one kilogram of purified substance. This process involves dissolving crude Shilajit in water, allowing it to settle, and then filtering it through a sieve system to remove hard impurities. The solution is then evaporated at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius to concentrate the Shilajit, ensuring a final moisture content of 12-15%. This method ensures the highest quality of Shilajit, while also offering a cost-effective option with a potential compromise on quality for those who use less raw material in the purification process.

When considering the purchase of Shilajit from platforms like Amazon or other brands that incorporate additional components such as amino acids and proteins, it's crucial to scrutinize the packaging for patent numbers. The presence of a patent number may indicate that the product is not pure Shilajit but rather a formulation containing unnecessary additives. This practice is a strategy some companies use to market lower-quality products, deviating from the authentic essence of Ayurvedic medicine, a tradition with a rich history dating back over 3,000 years. Ayurveda, at its core, emphasizes the use of natural substances for holistic wellness, and the addition of synthetic components to Shilajit undermines this fundamental principle.

Moreover, companies that claim their products are made without chemicals should be approached with caution. Such statements can be misleading, as the primary concern should be the purity and authenticity of the Shilajit, rather than the mere absence of chemicals in the production process. Authentic Ayurvedic practices value the natural integrity and therapeutic properties of substances like Shilajit, and the addition of extraneous ingredients can be seen as a form of disrespect to this ancient system of medicine.

Shilajit is harvested from the Russian Altai mountains, an area near Mongolia and Kazakhstan, known for its pristine environment. The purification equipment used includes large, double-walled chains with electric heating and thermocontrollers, ensuring a controlled environment for the evaporation process that is crucial to maintaining the integrity of Shilajit.

Once purified, Shilajit is processed into various forms, such as powder, tablets, or capsules, and further dried using a vacuum-evaporate machine at low temperatures to preserve its beneficial properties.

For consumption, a typical dose is 0.4 grams twice daily, equivalent to a small pea, two tablets, or 0.3 cubic centimeters. It can be taken directly or mixed into food or beverages, avoiding exposure to temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius to preserve its efficacy. Shilajit is an entirely natural product, and minor overdoses are generally considered harmless, allowing for continuous use without significant risk.

The primary benefit of Shilajit lies in its ability to restore normal metabolism at the cellular level, bolster the immune system, strengthen bones and the skeletal system, normalize blood composition, notably hemoglobin levels, and support regeneration. It is also beneficial for healing gastrointestinal, kidney, and liver diseases, among other health properties, making it a versatile supplement for enhancing overall well-being.

Shilajit Family Pack 15 g

Shilajit Family Pack 15 g