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Celestial University Enlightenment Bundle

Celestial University Enlightenment Bundle

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175,000+ Enrollments

The Celestial University

Seekers of the celestial path, I am Embodiment Celestial and it is my privilege to welcome you to the threshold of the Celestial University. Here, perception evolves into perspective, and your journey to the highest self begins. Courses tailored for your ascension weave modern insights with ancient echoes, creating a symphony of enlightenment that spans centuries. From forgotten texts dating back as early as the 1100s to contemporary teachings, the wisdom is yours to explore. Yet, this university offers more than enlightenment; it offers empowerment. With over 75,000 Celestial beings you'll join a constellation of kindred spirits. Our shared purpose is clear – to radiate love and wisdom, countering the forces that seek to obscure the divine. As stewards of cosmic truths, we unite to preserve the light within and around us. Together, we stand at the precipice of discovery. As we step into the future, know that your journey with us is just beginning. Here at the Celestial University, let your heart guide you as we embark on a shared voyage of transformation and illumination. Welcome to the radiance of now and the promise of what's to come.

Gain Lifetime Access to all current and future courses/eBooks.

Unlock a world of knowledge with limitless access to our growing course library, constantly updated with fresh content from our creators. Unlock a Library of over 3,000 Occult Books, some dating as far back as the 1100s and join a thriving community of over 75,000 like-minded individuals. Your questions will find answers and your curiosity will thrive in this vibrant university environment.

Navigating spiritual awakening? Celestial University offers a free grounding course. Warmly welcoming you to our enlightened community.

The Celestial Gateway

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can be both profound and overwhelming, leaving many feeling adrift. At the Celestial University, we've crafted a complimentary introductory course tailored to provide foundational insights for your spiritual journey. We warmly invite you to join our community, anticipating the radiant wave of enlightenment you're set to emanate.

Vital Clarification: I am not a certified medical professional. The insights I provide stem from peer-to-peer analyses within Western medicine and the profound wisdom extracted from holistic literature. My intention, rooted in the art of syncretism, is to weave these threads of knowledge into a harmonious fabric that guides you on a profound journey towards improved well-being and a profound spiritual awakening.

Your Health is a Business

Your Well-being, a Precious Investment. In a world where health often intertwines with business, the wealth of health information is widely accessible. For the past three years, I've committed myself to delving into the intricate realm of microbiology, holistic healing, and the inner workings of our bodies. Your investment in this web course directly sustains my ongoing work. Moreover, I extend an invitation to a lifetime pass, granting access to current and upcoming courses. This University is a dynamic hub, where individuals unite to share their insights with you. I encourage you to explore the array of courses awaiting your discovery. Your involvement fuels not only your own growth but also the collective wisdom we cultivate.

Effortlessly Cultivate Divine Abundance through Social Media

Affiliate Program & Affiliate Marketing

Envision a journey where your desire to enlighten others becomes a beacon of prosperity for yourself. Step into our affiliate program, a realm where you not only share transformative insights but also earn as you radiate the light of knowledge. Here, we forge a network that breathes life into your passions, nurturing them into meaningful livelihoods. This is more than the pursuit of material gain; it's a realm where purpose aligns with prosperity. With over 2,000 affiliates, our collective force amplifies the impact of our shared mission.

The premier step-by-step guide to achieving conscious out-of-body experiences and honing astral abilities, designed to elevate and transform your perspective through firsthand experiences.

Navigating the Inner Realms of Consciousness

Many seek pathways to ascend and touch divinity, to explore the realms beyond our everyday experience. This course offers precisely that – a meticulous, step-by-step guide on achieving conscious out-of-body experiences. Born from four years of intensive study of government documents and hands-on practice, driven by persistent requests from our community, this is not just a course, but a revelation, offering transcendence like never before.

In 2020, I collaborated with an organization specializing in the exchange of information. I imparted knowledge on remote viewing and out-of-body experiences (OBE) to them. In exchange for my expertise, I was granted access to a vast Library of Occult information comprising over 3,000 books. This unique collection includes works dating back to the 1100s, housing forgotten and forbidden knowledge.

The Occult Library

This occult information possesses the potential for profound consequences. The insights and revelations contained within these texts have left an indelible mark on my perception, altering it in ways that I can never reverse. It's crucial for you to understand the gravity of the portal you are opening when you embark on the journey into this body of knowledge. The wisdom within these texts often challenges conventional beliefs, confronts deeply ingrained paradigms, and explores the realms of the unknown. It can be transformative, leading to a profound shift in your understanding of the world and yourself. However, this transformation isn't always comfortable or without its risks. It may challenge your existing worldview, question the foundations of your beliefs, and expose you to ideas that can be unsettling or even unsettling. It's a path that requires careful navigation, self-reflection, and discernment. So, as you step into the realm of this occult knowledge, do so with caution and mindfulness. Be prepared for the potential to have your beliefs and perceptions forever altered. Embrace the journey, but always keep in mind the transformative power and, at times, the inherent danger that comes with exploring such profound wisdom.

You must be committed to becoming aligned. I can only show you the door, you must walk through it.

If you serve the virtues you'll become angelic, serve the vices and you will corrupt your heart


Those with knowledge can heal. If you are here then you are willing to be trained in thought, word and action. Follow my lead, and I will train your awareness in ways you cannot fathom. The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door and the key is silence. You must unbecome externalization. Inner work begins by internalization so assimilation may be reached far beyond any external method.

Syncretism enables you to activate your God mind through esoteric knowing. The Matrix cultivates exoteric belief, concepts, which are given since birth. What controls our beliefs controls our actions. An awakening usually happens through knowledge. Whether you have had a spiritual awakening or you are seeking knowledge/enlightenment you must have questions. I have answers.

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